A Pastor's Word: Praise God

“Praise awaits you, O God, in Zion; to you our vows will be fulfilled.” Psalm 65:1

Indeed, praise awaits our Lord, now and on that final day when His glory is fully revealed. Praise for who He is, praise for what He has done, praise from all of creation.

This is our God.

For He is Lord over all things, from us human beings and out into all of creation. The same God who hears our prayers also covers the meadows and valleys. The same God who forgives our transgressions, despite our being repeatedly overwhelmed with sin, also clothes the hills with gladness. The same God who fills us with good things crowns the year with bounty. The same God who answers us with awesome deeds of righteousness also cares for the land and the waters. He, the one who formed the mountains and stilled the seas, is the hope of all the earth.

This is our God.

 We are His, He is ours, a people chosen before eternity, a God sought out in daily prayer. God who first loved us, first came to us, and who has done all to bring us together. We who speak these prayers and watch for the answers, who hear His call and respond. Blessed are those God has chosen. Blessed are those who come to Him.

This is our God, and we are His. May we join with all of creation in shouting and singing together for joy. 

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