February Reflections

Late again :)

I have decided I need to start doing two top 3 lists of posts. One will contain the 3 most visited posts which I put up in the last month (Top Three Posts of February) the other will contain the 3 posts which received the most visitors over the last month (Three Most Visited Posts of February). This month, however, I only posted 4 times and so a top 3 seems kind of pointless. Instead here is a top 1:

Top Post of February:
"Mere Apologetics" by Alister E. McGrath - My one book review of the month. Good apologetics resource. 

3 Most Visited Posts of February:
1. Heaven and Hell - Yep. There it sites. A monument to the power of google. 
2. We're Sinking - It seems most people find this for reasons unrelated to the actual content of the post. I wonder what such people think? Do they read it? Or browse and leave? 
3. Pull Up a Chair... - I really enjoyed doing this activity with some of our youth. One of them even testified to its influence during his recent baptism. I also enjoyed writing about it. But I am not sure why more people viewed this post in the last month than in all the other months since it was posted. 

As you may have guessed, what with 4 posts in an entire month, February was busy. Very busy. One of our pastors is on vacation and therefore I had a bit of extra work to do. I also had lots of meetings at the leadership level as we both finished our visioning process and prepared for the AGM, and an out of town conference (The Justice Conference) to top it all off. Busy, but also good. The renewed vision for our church has been very encouraging and while I know we have barely begun (the hard work is, after all, implementation) I am encouraged. The Justice Conference was amazing, well worth the time, and a weekend away with my wife and without our children was really fun. 

God is good. May you taste and see this truth in your own life as well. 

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