2012.03.04 Worth Visiting

TED Video: Hooked By OctopusThe earth is amazing, and Mike deGruy does a great job presenting some of it. 

TED Video: Impossible Photography - funny and interesting 'realistic' photo-shopping.

More Photo-Shopping - scary photo-shopping... Photos were unbelievable already...

Groupthink: The Brainstorming Myth - Does creativity come from relationship density and chance encounters? Is brainstorming effective at all?

The 'Undue Weight' of Truth on Wikipediaone of the many reasons wikipedia is not a reliable source of information; at least they are honest about it though...?

Interval Training is Enough - you don't have the excuses you thought you did!

Old Workshop by Jack Woolley - Very cool house

I'm Being Followed... - excellent article on identity and tracking on the web

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Anonymous said...

Re: The 'Undue Weight' of Truth on Wikipedia

I have similar personal experience with Wikipedia. I still find the Wikipedia useful on subjects that I know little or nothing about, or on subjects that I know a lot about. This is especially true for Wikipedia articles on mathematics because I can use logic to confirm or refute what the Wikipedia says.

Roger Hui