Pride and Blogging

Pride has always been a struggle for me. Blogging has become yet another arena in which that struggle is played out.

I reread blog posts and pat myself on the back, congratulate myself when I get new followers, and on and on. Thankfully, by the grace of God something happens just as frequently to keep me humble. I catch stupid mistakes (and I make plenty of those), fail to blog for days or weeks, or read someone else's blog which is significantly better. 

Today something happened that just made me laugh. I found out that I am the number 1 result for those numerous individuals who search google for "cristion prsing songs."  Can you believe it? I couldn't. Go ahead, try it. You'll see. 

I'm just so happy. 



Anonymous said...

Very impressive.

It is not that difficult to have one's own webpage as the top one returned by Google. For example, try Googling "and so much less than these" (with the quotes). The difference is that this last phrase only has 8 results. Googling "parsing contemporary Christian music" (without the quotes) also brings up your blog as the top page, and there are 275,000,000 results. Very impressive.

Roger Hui

The Blog Miss said...

well, i have to agree on the humbling part. fortunately God humbles us when we get too far or else..we'd be in big trouble.