"With" by Skye Jethani

Skye Jethani. With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God. Thomas Nelson, 2011. 224 pgs. 

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson, through Booksneeze, for review. 

The copy for this book might as well read: Why are there so many problems in the church? (A few specifics are listed: burn out, lack of freedom in Christ, etc.) Is it possible we have misunderstood the call of the Christian life? Jethani argues that this is just what we have done. He believes that most Christians in the modern west have settled for less than a relationship with God; they have settled for life under, over, from, or for God when what they ought to desire is life with God. 

I think that for many people, Jethani is right. While I am not sure that all the problems of the church can be laid just here, it would certainly take us a long way to get these issues straight. Through the first five chapters Jethani explores the first four ways of relating to God as the failures they are; there are no substitutes for a life with God. Then, in the final four chapters, he turns to the solution: life with God expressed in Faith, Hope, and Love. 

In the pages of With you will find a well written, poignant, and powerful call to the true center of our faith and our lives: God Himself. You will be reminded that above all things, we seek union with Christ, and that every time we place some goal, desire, end, or thing higher in our hearts than God we have created an idol, no matter how good that thing is when it is rightly desired. Which do you long for with more strength and seek with more fervor: God or purpose in your life? God or enough? God or safety? God indeed wants all of these things for us, but we must "seek first his kingdom, and all these will be added to us as well."

Conclusion: 5 stars. Recommended. We all have a tendency to seek other things before God, and we could all do with such a good reminder of where our true vision and hope lies. 

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