Sickness and Following Jesus

Since coming to Korea both Kristina and I have been sick quite frequently. Much more than at home. I think I have mentioned this before. It's fairly common for foreigners to repeatedly get cold's, flu's, and various kinds of sinus infections. So this is not surprising. I have to say though, it sucks.

Nevertheless, I can't say nothing good has come of it. Kristina has been sick more than I, and more often. One of the side effects of this is that I have to take care of her a lot. I love doing this, no hardship there. One of the other side effects is that I have to do basically all the household chores. You would think that if taking care of her is no problem, this would the same, but its not. I have discovered I very easily get frustrated and selfish; I strongly desire a certain amount of 'me' time, relaxing time, stuff like that. I don't like doing housework. I recently read an article, an interview with Eugene Peterson, in which he responds to the question "Pastor, how can I be spiritual?" with "Forget about being spiritual. How about loving your husband?" He's absolutely right. Being forced to do things like this has really made me face more of my bad side, made me pray more, and is helping me to be more loving (in a paradoxical way).

Check out the article. It's worth a read.

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