One of the Funniest Movies Ever

Today Kristina and I watched one of the funniest movies we have ever seen. It was our first Korean movie, "Saving my Hubby". I couldn't believe how hard we laughed. It's about a husband and wife who have a young baby and are very tired and stressed out, as new parents often are. The husband goes to his first day at a new job, and reluctantly ends up going out drinking with the guys from work. He ends up drugged and in a scam to take his money, but he has no credit cards, so the scammers take his cellphone and call his wife so she can come pay. Now its up to her to save her husband. Naturally, things don't go very well. Her mother and father and law are visiting the next morning at 5 a.m, and she has to make a good impression; meanwhile in trying to find her husband, let alone save him, she nearly starts a gang war.

Most people, if they watch asian movies, watch martial arts or anime. I like both of those a lot, and I have watched my share of them. But, I have to say, there is much to be said for some of the comedy. I remember the first one I watched, Shaolin Soccer.... not so good. It was good to watch and make fun of, the humor is ridiculous and over the top, but in that particular movie, it was just too much. "Saving My Hubby" had some ridiculous scenes, but not too much. It also helps that everything looks so familar, having been in Korea for nearly 7 months now.

In conclusion, if you ever get a chance to watch some comedy from Korea DO IT!


PakG1 said...

My Sassy Girl has to be one of the classics. :)

When I first saw it, I laughed my head off. It made me laugh way more than any Hollywood movie I've ever seen before. Still one of my favourites. Check it out, though I don't know how it would compare to this one. :)

King of Samurai said...

word up homie Demolition.
its been a while since I have emailed, and I have never posted. sorry for being a less than prompt email friend, I heard a rumour that you have been drinking scotch, sitting on patio's and writting. is this true? are you really living the life? sounds like it. I am sorry I haven't emailed you more, I don't think asian films are very funny, I guess save my hubby is "cool" but by guess I mean "not"

(as in not cool). so I am going to switch to email and write you a proper email. well mostly proper as I am getting tired. Extra points if you can guess who this is by me name and reference to samurai's. and no, the samurai are still in their pagoda, thinking of glorious battle and dying slow deaths!

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