It's been a while hasn't it?

Lately I have been strongly convicted about my 'mental discipline'. I am so used to being in school, being forced to excercise my brain, that I find I have very little discipline in keeping my brain active without the normal pressures of exams and essays and class discussions. So I have been trying lately to make sure I am spending more time with good books, and articles and things online. Its been very good, I think my brain is finally revved up again.

I have also completely lacked any motivation to write. Firstly, I haven't had much to write about. Which might sound wierd if you were paying attention on my last post. Despite spending time reading, I haven't run into much that I want to write about. I have to admit that I am a little bit discouraged with the whole academic, thinking, etc. thing right now. I just have trouble seeing what difference that will make, when how I live is so much more important. Which is no excuse for a shoddy thought life, or logic/reason abilities, and all that. Nor am I trying to encourage anyone else away from intellectual excercises/pursuits. However, given the massive amount of injustice in our world right now, I just don't see where its going to get us, when all we really need is for people to suck it up, live more simply, love more outragously and give more generously... right, all we really need is for humanity to undergo a complete change of heart, schluff off its sinful nature, and start living right... Seriously, don't pay any attention to me.

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