When I die, freeze me...?

Yesterday I was pointed to a very odd sight. Dark Passage which is a site about these guys who go around and explore old abandoned asylums and stuff, taking pictures and writing about it. I read the account of the Hospital of Seven Teeth which is very wierd. This place is being used as a shooting range by some unknown people, has a bowling alley in it, was home to at least one brutal murder, and they found an Alcor logo, or the old Alcor logo. Alcor is a real company, working on cryonics and life extension. They have a section in their library devoted to religion and cryonics, explaining why its ok for people of various religions to go with it. They have a whole lot of other stuff to.

Here are some quotes from their website:

Although it is widely believed that all cryonics cases are "post mortem," this is biologically not correct. When the heart of an Alcor member stops with a fully-equipped cryonics team standing by, the brain can be resuscitated before death of anything occurs. Restoring blood flow within moments of cardiac arrest means that all the cells, tissues, and organs of the patient will be in the same condition as a patient that is legally alive. For such patients, the typical objection that cryonics can't work because cryonics patients are "dead" is spurious. These patients are biologically alive. The only uncertainty for such patients is whether the cryopreservation process itself will someday be reversible.

True, reversible cryonic suspension for adult human beings is not here today. Only the very tiniest human embryos put into cryostasis have been restored. But the technology applicable to eventual recovery of people now in cryonic suspension is growing. And if and when that technology comes into being, it might just possibly save your life, and the lives of people you care about.

And the existence of the Cryonics Institute isn't science fiction but fact. We're here right now. And ready to help.

Wierdness, thats about all I can say.

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