Psalm 119

Psalm 119
By Andrew Demoline

Always you are with me God
But sometimes it is hard,
Coming from the world I do, to ever get
Down in your word, to trust or live at all.
Even when I know it’s good,
For your word always is,
Going forth on your path
Has ever been a pain.

I want to have within me, even
Just for one brief moment,
Kindled in my heart,
Love for you and your word. To have in
Me an undivided soul, focused
Now and onwards solely
On your promise. To have the
Psalmists trust in you, in
Quiet and in song.

Rarely am I persecuted,
Seldom must I run, But in
The face of difficulty,
Under even hottest sun,
Verily I ask thee, O lord of all my heart,
When times like this do come,
X-out all my fear and doubt, as
You alone can do, and fill me with a
Zest for all things that are true.


Anonymous said...

Why is K before J?

Roger Hui

Andrew Demoline said...

Lol, because I did not edit carefully enough!