The Long and the Short of It

The Long and Short of It

I like shortcuts.
Point A to point B in five easy steps!
Why not four?
If one can reduce the number of reps,
Won’t one soar?

I like settling.
Is not 70 to 80 good enough?
One giant leap!
When 80 to 85 will be rough?
And hardly cheap.

But I’m worried.
Technology makes it so simple,
To take leaps and bounds over people,
and it’s tragic.

So then I think…
What of times and places I won’t avert?
Long walks
What of all the people I won’t desert?
Love talks

I like long cuts.
Point A to point B in five easy steps?
Why not more!
What if higher and further take more reps?
Then I’d soar!

I’ll never settle.
85, for love, is not enough!
Can’t we go deeper?
Yes, 100 will surely be rough!
Could love be cheaper?

I suppose long and short
Each have their place
But don’t let the light of a screen
Confuse and displace

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