2012.09.07 Worth Visiting

War and Nookd - funny and scary

Of Flying Cars - a long but very interesting look at where we stand now in terms of technology, economics, bureaucracy, and politics.

When are we going to grow up? The Juvenilization of American Christianity - more than enough to think about here.

Please RT  - "soon, if not yet already, it will seem pretentious, elitist, and old-fashioned to write anything, anywhere, with patience and care."

Happyism: The Creepy New Economics of Pleasure  - thoughtful and hilarious.

Thoughts on Penal Substitution - very good

The Trouble with Atheists: A Defence of Faith - So good, I want to read the book :)

Impatience as Digital Virtue - great questions to consider!

The New Furby Review: Absolute Horror - Made me laugh out loud and made me think. 

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