Day to day stuff

School starts next week, and I am excited. I have never had such a long break between fall and winter semesters before; 4 full weeks. I would say that I haven't known what to do with myself, but I would be lying. The time off has been great, Kristina and I were able to see both our families; I hadn't been home for nearly 1.5 years (though I had seen my parents). Then I got 2 weeks to sit around, play games, read books, and get a head start on some of my classes.

Still, I am ready to be back in school.

Our bible study started back up today. I love our group; its full of a great people, and were doing a fairly interesting video/book series (I quite often find canned bible studies to be... not so good, so its a nice change). Its got me thinking too, which will likely be the subject of another post.


Anonymous said...

It does not surprise me that you are excited about starting back to school. If anyone could be a professional student, it is you. That is not a criticism, it is something I love about you, your quest for knowledge.


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S-Dave said...

Demoline, we should talk sometime soon.

S-Dave said...


we should talk sometime soon, but not this weekend.


S-Dave said...

do you like my multiple posts?