Many people have mentioned recently that "I don't update my Blog anymore." It's true, I don't, but I will now.

I've been a long time gone, and I honestly didn't think I would come back again; maybe I still won't. But this can be an introductory post to the possible return of Me, TheLogo.

My last post was in may, and much has happened since then. During our last months in Korea Kristina and I went to China (which was awesome), finished our year of teaching, went to Hawaii on the way home (very relaxing), moved into a new place here in Coquitlam, Kristina is working and I am nearly finished my first semester of Seminary.

Coming home was in a lot of ways harder than leaving, though it was also better. Culture shock was much more pronounced, as was the difficulty Kristina and I had adjusting to different 'working' hours. Thats pretty much all done now though.

Thats the short of things, I honestly don't want to fill in all the details, but feel free to ask any questions you want to.

As a sidenote, seminary is going very well; I love it. I have had lots to think about this semester, and I am sure that will continue, perhaps it will even come out on this blog if I really do start updating again. As an example, and a area of debate if anyone wants to have a go at it, I am now fairly convinced that it is ok to ordain women.

This has been a hopelessly self-referential post, a typical "i'm back" from a long absence post, but maybe I will do other stuff soon.

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