Looking for a laptop... There are so many options out there. I thought it would be cheaper in Korea, but it does not seem to be. I have not visited Yongsang market in Seoul yet, but I have been to several places in Daejeon. It seems that while desktops and all things built in korea are quiet a bit cheaper, laptops are not. Plus the selection is very limited. So I am looking online, and praying that customs are not to high.

Of course it doens't help that what I want in a laptop seems to put the price close or just over 3000 canadian.
just in case anyone reads this who knows anything about laptops, here goes:
15.1-15.4 screen, 2.6 or higher processor, 512-1024 ram (expandable to 2G), 60-80gb harddrive (5400-7200rpm), dvd burner (multi format), 128mb video card (not real picky about model or brand), and normal accessories (mouse, extrabattery, carryign case).

I wish there was a site you could enter the specs you wanted, the site would give you your options, with prices and specs, and you could just pick one.... if only life were that easy. Instead you have to go from one site to another (dell, alienware, sager, acer, etc. etc.) trying to remember everything. Weeee :)

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