Well, its been nearly a month. I tried to post once from Mexico, when Kristina and I had two hours to kill as a result of misunderestimating the bussing system in Puerto Vallarta, but apparently it never made it.

I am married now, have been for nearly three weeks. It's great, awesome, wonderful. As well as that, I convocated today. Which means Kristina and I finally have all the stuff together we need to finish our applications to go to S. Korea and teach English.

There are lots of stories from the last couple of weeks: swimming with dolphins, going to a movie in mexico, "camping" across the rockies, convocating, and many little things about marriage.

Swimming with Dolphins was great, very hard to describe, so we bought the DVD. They are like big dogs, you touch them and they roll over for you to pet their belly. They are very gentle, and disarming, bigger than I thought they would be.

Yes, life has been undeservingly good to us. Right now, we, Chapter and I, are hanging with friends and family, doing an online TESOL course, and trying to teach ourselves Korean.

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