Back in vancouver, and married in 5 days. People keep asking me if I am nervous, or anxious, but I'm not. I am almost starting to wonder if I should feel those things, but I just keep get more and more excited. A few things left to do, all those things that can't really be done until the final week, and a few extra's because of our plans to go overseas shortly after we get married. It's so good to be here with Chapter for this week before the wedding. Good to be able to talk face to face about our fears, excitement, expectations, etc. Not like we haven't talked about them lots before, but after so long of a long distance relationship, there is something freeing, and of course exciting, about knowing that is all over.

I glanced through my teach yourself Korean book, and noticed that Korean is a syllabic language, which I think is really cool. You combine two or three symbols to create one 'letter' which represents a syllable. Hence, three syllable words in Korean have three letters. I know, very simple, like I said, I just glanced through it, but I found it cool.

What else is going on? Well, I have been thinking a lot about Isaiah 6 lately. We always hold up Isaiah as some kind of a model: when he finds himself in the presence of the Lord, he bemoans himself, pretty much falling over as unworthy. Then, a few verses later, he volunteers when the Lord is looking for someone to help. Truly, these things are examples to all of us, in many ways, but I notice that what comes next is rarely talked about. After volunteering, Isaiah is sent to shut the eyes and ears of Israel so that the Lord can/will destroy them. His anguished cry of "How long, oh Lord?" is met by a response even less encouraging. Until this great tree is but a stump. Yes, it shows some of my doubts, my lack of faith, and lack of love for God, but frankly that frightens me. Once the order is given, obedience is the only choice, but what an order to follow.

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