Book Review Guide

Yes, I do a lot of book reviews. As you read them, you may have questions. Questions like: why does this guy do these book reviews? And where did he come up with his odd format and length? And oooh, there's a birdy!

Ok, that last one might only apply to my readers with ADD.

To answer some questions then. I write book reviews with the hope that they will help you find good books and avoid bad ones. My book reviews are designed to tell you what the book is about and why I think it was good or bad, worth reading or not worth reading. In general, I am not attempting to summarize the whole book, nor give you a thorough outline, nor write an academic review. Some of my observations will be personal but I will try to signal you when that is the case.

As for formatting, I am often constrained by the publisher who has sent me the book. So, for example, my reviews for Thomas Nelson have both a word limit and a style guide. Still, I generally try to begin by summarizing the contents of the book (in some cases I also explain how I came to read the book) and then give my response and review.

For conclusions, I rate the books out of 5 stars. Anything 2 or under is pretty bad. Anything 4 and over is very good. I also rate it as "Not Recommended," "Conditionally Recommended," or "Recommended."  Each of those is fairly self explanatory.